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Character Relationships (Bete Noire)

Adam Monroe
[ ♥ ]
Stole his wallet and then slept with him, as Christopher, the thief personality. Benjamin is rather suspicious of him, but also a little guilty for the whole pickpocketing thing, because his conscience is like that.
Aimery le Gode
[ ♥ ]
A man out of his time, and out of his depth. His point of view is so different from the norm that Benjamin doesn't even know where misunderstandings might occur. However, he's shown a childish tendency to lash out, and a willingness to make excuses for his own behavior that Benjamin finds worrying in someone who'd like to run a hostel.
Alexis Hamilton
[ ♥ ]
She's from so long ago, and a time when women weren't given much survival skills, so there's an automatic protective instinct there. Plus, she's surprisingly bright. So that's cool.
Anita "Needy" Lesnicki
[ ♥ ]
Slept with her once, while she was being all succubus-y. He realizes she has two sides: the fairly dorky teenage side, and the dangerous, sensual side. Benjamin is interested in the latter.
Ava Lockhart
[ ♥ ]
Lovely girl, very organized, often unduly apologetic.
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Incredibly high esteem, bordering on love. He let Ba'al's clone into his mind, and bestowed a great deal of trust on it, and he can't help but feel similarly, if less so, towards the original.
Black Jack
[ ♥ ]
Respect for a medical professional, trust for someone who might become a friend, but who Benjamin doesn't understand well enough yet.
Bruce Wayne
[ ♥ ]
Oh so complicated. He's never quite been able to get a read on Bruce Wayne; there's just something there he can't quantify. As far as Bruce's alter ego LaRue goes, profound suspicion and distrust of anyone meddling around with crime like that, and anyone who would wear a mask, and present that sort of face to the world. He's a little slow; hasn't put the two people together yet.
Deanne Winchester
[ ♥ ]
Independent sort of badass. Likes her.
Sgt. Doyle
[ ♥ ]
Reliable, thus far seems to be a particularly protective sort of military man.
Edward Nigma
[ ♥ ♥ ]
Complicated. Parts of him like Eddie, parts of him quite dislike him. This is usually correlated with the personalities who understand Eddie's yen for intellectual thrill, and with the personalities who feel good when they give someone else validation.
Faith Lehane
[ ♥ ]
WTF looks just like Echo.
Frank Bannister
[ ♥ ]
Totally helpful in working with the hostel. Maybe useful in terms of paranormal information. Cool guy.
Inara Serra
[ ♥ ]
A professional, lovely, charming. A friend of Ba'al's.
John Constantine
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Complicated. Adam is in love with him, because he appeals to both sides of him, the moral priest side and the kinky needs-to-be-used side. Elias likes to hit that. Benjamin thinks Constantine is not trustworthy but is slowly bending to Adam and Elias's opinions.
Kanda Yuu
[ ♥ ]
Somewhat of a tragic life. But he helped Benjamin with meditation; he owes him for that.
Kailani Konane
[ ♥ ♥ ]
Quirky, interesting sort of person. Another one not too informed on modern conveniences. He likes her.
Lance Blackthorn
[ ♥ ]
There's suspicion, here. Since Lance's recent network posts, he thinks that his niggling suspicions were founded, after all: the man has a drug problem.
Laurence Dominic
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Nolan and Benjamin are both totally in love with Dominic. He's always been there, nearly as long as they've been a composite, and the frustration they express, with him, is a function of how much he matters to them.
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Delta's handler, and therefore always has a super-special place. Delta trusts him absolutely, would do anything for him, and needs his presence, periodically.
Dr. Nate Silverman
[ ♥ ]
WTF looks just like Dominic. Seems a little odd, but powerful, and was trustworthy enough to hire him as hostel security.
Dr. Nicholas Rush
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
A deeply troubled man; the resemblance matters little to Benjamin, but helping someone so clearly brilliant and hurt does.
Dr. Nicki Rush
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Much more prickly and difficult than her male counterpart, but he trusts that there's something as fascinating as Nicholas Rush there, under the surface, and he doesn't hesitate to express that faith to her. She was also one of the first people he confessed his composite nature to.
Percy Weasley
[ ♥ ]
Healed Percy once, from some deeply personal injuries, and thus has a soft spot for him. Thinks he may be in over his head.
Rachel Conway
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Absolutely adores Rachel. He completely trusts her, believes in her, loves her, even if he isn't in love with her.
River Tam
[ ♥ ]
A bit of an odd girl, rather unusual, but pleasant enough. Glad that she's protective of Tony; someone should be.
Rupert Giles
[ ♥ ♥ ]
The duality that Giles displayed was fascinating, at that party. Now he's strongly attracted, plus he respects Giles' knowledge, plus he already felt protective of him when he first arrived quite intoxicated.
Sam Tyler
[ ♥ ♥ ]
The police chief, and a very, very good person, very idealistic.
Sefton Lowell
[ ♥ ♥ ]
A very troubled young man, and one that Benjamin is concerned about. The social worker personalities, especially, tend to reach out to him from time to time.
Simon Tam
[ ♥ ]
A doctor, and one that worked for the hostel. Seems that quite a bit has happened to him, here, but Benjamin has not yet reached out to him or connected with him, so he doesn't know Simon's true state of mind.
Sookie Stackhouse
[ ♥ ]
Nice, charming young lady who works at Furor's.
Dr. Tony Hill
[ ♥ ]
A good man, and a man who loves Rachel, but someone who perhaps lets his personal feelings interfere with his profession as a psychologist.
Tony Stark
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Benjamin loves Tony, absolutely. Tony saved his life, sacrificed himself for him, and Tony is exactly the type he was made for: the sort of wounded person who needs someone, maybe just one person, who cares enough to save him. Benjamin is glad to be that person.
Tyki Mikk
[ ♥ ]
He hates Tyki. But is intrigued by him. Tyki is responsible for the second most horrible violence Benjamin has ever experienced, but it doesn't seem to really faze Tyki that much. And, thus far, Tyki seems to be the only one who has any notion of how inhuman Benjamin's mind really is.
Whiskey/Claire Saunders
[ ♥ ]
Whiskey has several personalities that were on joint engagements with Delta. Edward, his Victorian personality, loves his wife Anne; Zach, the chef personality, is total buds with his business partner; Robert, the serial killer victim, feels guilty about cheating on his wife. Benjamin doesn't exactly trust Clyve, but Nolan is willing to work with him. Delta as a whole is programmed to trust Claire Saunders.
William Flemming
[ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]
Flemming is a great friend to him, possibly (eventually) a friend with benefits. He rescued Delta when he was wiped back to doll state, and the innocent trust from that will never quite be erased.
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