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List of Imprints (Dec. 2011)

List of personalities:
1. Adam (priest)
2. Owen (fantasy husband/massage therapist)
3. Thomas Maier (therapist)
4. Aiden (sailor)
5. Peter Alexandrov (medium)
6. Edward (Victorian gentleman)
7. William (Victorian stage magician)
8. Christopher (Victorian thief)
9. Gibson/Snapper (weapons expert/bodyguard)
10. Elijah (babysitter/childcare expert)
11. Jason Fielding/Jace (serial killer)
12. Jack (businessman/spy)
12A. Ninja Assassin, code-phrase activated
13. Zachary (chef)
14. Campbell (homeless veteran)
15. Elias (bad-boy)
16. Seth (grieving widower)
17. Benjamin (BDSM dominant)
18. Felix (doctor)
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As of late May, 2011, Delta is no longer a composite. This is a page to help me keep track of all the shit his imprints get up to.

1. Adam (priest)
2. Owen (fantasy husband/massage therapist)
3. Aiden (sailor)
4. Peter Alexandrov (medium)
5. Edward / William / Christopher (Victorians)
6. Gibson/Snapper (weapons expert/bodyguard)
7. Jack (businessman/spy)
8. Zachary (chef)
9. Elias (bad-boy)
10. Seth (grieving widower)
11. Benjamin (BDSM dominant)
12. Nolan (physicist)
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List of Imprints

List of personalities:
1. Adam (priest)
2. Leo McCoy (doctor)
3. Owen (fantasy husband/massage therapist)
4. Thomas Maier (therapist)
5. Aiden (sailor)
6. Peter Alexandrov (medium)
7. Edward (Victorian gentleman)
8. William (Victorian stage magician)
9. Christopher (Victorian thief)
10. Gibson/Snapper (weapons expert/bodyguard)
11. Robert (serial killer victim)
12. Elijah (babysitter/childcare expert)
13. Jason Fielding/Jace (serial killer)
14. Jack (businessman/spy)
14A. Ninja Assassin, code-phrase activated
15. Zachary (chef)
16. Campbell (homeless veteran)
17. Elias (bad-boy)
18. Seth (grieving widower)
19. Benjamin (BDSM dominant)
20. Nolan (physicist)
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Notes for Dollhouse employees/staff


Though Delta is an Active stationed out of the Los Angeles dollhouse, I don't expect all Dollhouse characters to remember him or muns to take him as part of personal canon (he is a fandom OC, after all). If you'd like to have your character remember him, this is all of the relevant information; if you'd rather not, no worries!

A few notes:

Delta does not have perfect control over his imprints. Most of the time, the Benjamin imprint is in command; Benjamin is not a fighter, and he isn't programmed with a whole lot of useful skills, but he can control the other imprints.

There is no meta-Delta personality, as such, because of the suddenness of the composite event. He is no Alpha or Echo; there were no signs of growing awareness, before the accident. He will be unable to deal with imprints long-term without severe medical problems.

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